Kit “Maxi” in case of natural disasters for 3 persons


Kit “Maxi” in case of natural disasters for 3 persons


Kit “Maxi” in case of natural disasters for 3 persons

1x Flashlight multifunctional radio / mechanical generator
1x Tool with hatchet
3x Film sleeping bag
1x Rope 8mm * 10m. with carbines
1x Candle 5 * 7.5cm.
3x Goggles
1x FIRSTAID First Aid Kit_big
3x Raincoat
3x Film emergency blanket
6x Long-Lasting Nutrition Bar
1x Folding water tank 5l.
1x 11 functional tool plate
1x Shovel folding multifunctional
3x Matches wind-water protective
1x High-frequency whistle
3x Non-slip gloves, pair
1x Radio Station (pair)
3x Hygienic individual set (tooth brush, paste, comb, soap, compression towel and napkins 10 pcs.)
1x Portable filter with water pump
1x Compass
1x Armchair (flint)
1x Wire saw
1x Film emergency tent
6x Canned water (5 * 100ml.)
1x Folding solar panel, 5V 15W
1x Multifunctional folding knife 17 functions
1x Compact gas stove
3x Half mask respirator
1x Portable wood-burning stove (grate)
3x Inflatable Mat
1x Backpack for emergency situations (60l., black-orange)
3x Shockproof headgear
1x Stationery set (notebook, pen)
1x Signal mirror
1x Dry fuel, pack of 8 tablets
1x Slingshot
1x Extreme watch
1x Black plastic bags, roll
1x Fishing set
1x Touch sealed case for smartphone and documents
1x Bowl 1.0l. with a set of cutlery

Set for survival in an emergency with the specifics of natural disasters.
The main tasks of this kit (per three people):
– promptly leave the danger zone
– have independent food and water for two days
– in the event of more than one day stay outside the conditions of civilization, to be able to get water, food, protect themselves from adverse environmental conditions (cold, precipitation), spend the night in a tent, get and maintain fire, have a minimum independent power supply
– be able to cook food (pot, gas stove, wood stove)
– the ability to provide initial medical care (to yourself or others)
– implement basic hygiene rules
– have minimal means of communication with the outside world
– to have sufficient tools to carry out simple repairs and livelihoods
– be visible to rescue services

The backpack is made in orange and black, and is clearly visible for rescue services. It has two reflective inserts. Volume – 60 liters

On the side of the backpack there is an external USB port and a jack for phones. What is convenient for switching various electronic devices outside and inside the backpack, without having to remove it from the shoulders and open it.

The kit includes a high-strength collapsible shovel, which includes the functions: shovel, ax, hoe, knife, harpoon, chair, whistle, saw.

The multifunctional flashlight includes the functions of a flashlight, a siren, a VHF radio receiver, a mechanical power generator, a backup charger (400 mA / h) with a USB port

Hygienic set consisting of: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, 10 pcs. compression wipes and compression towel. When placed in water, compression products

A filter with a water pump allows you to drink water from open sources. Filter life – 2000 liters. 5 liter folding canister for storing and carrying water. Fishing set (fishing line, bobber, hook)

Multifunctional tool, with functions: hatchet, hammer, pliers, wire cutters, saw, knife, screwdriver, wrenches. Means of extraction and maintenance of fire – water-windproof matches, a chair for carving sparks.

Personal protective equipment – half mask respirator, goggles for protection against dust and other suspended particles in the air, shockproof headgear. Paraffin candle for 20 hours of burning.

Rain protection, film blanket to preserve body heat, film sleeping bag.

A daily set of food (2500 kcal.) And packaged water (5 * 100 ml).

Survival equipment: whistle for alarm, 10m. rope with carabiners, wire saw, gloves, black PE-packages used in various situations.

Stationery set – notebook and pen. First-aid kit medical (extended) for emergency care. IT IS REQUIRED to replenish the first-aid kit yourself with medications according to the specifics of your health.

Portable gas stove for standard gas cylinders with a threaded connection. It is necessary to complete the set yourself with a gas cylinder (it is not present in the delivery due to the prohibition by the logistics companies of sending gas cylinders in shipments).

Wood stove (grate). A lightweight, compact set of stainless steel, which allows you to assemble a stove that can be heated with well-aimed wooden chips. What allows you not to depend from energy, gas and for a long time to provide themselves with fire, heat, to be able to cook food, boil water.

A pot with a set of tableware.


An additional tool in the form of an 11 functional plate for small jobs and a multifunctional folding knife for 17 functions with an optical lens (for lighting fire from the Sun). The compass is liquid.

A signal mirror for giving alarms to distant objects by the method of reflection of a “sun bunny”. A 5-watt radio station (pair) that allows you to keep the connection between your group members at a distance of up to 3 km. Dry fuel (8 tablets) for quick breeding and maintaining fire.

Inflatable mat withstand weight up to 250kg. Touch sealed case for smartphone and documents. The case protects from moisture and makes it possible to control the smartphone screen inside the case. Film Tent.

A folding solar battery (15 watts, two 5V USB ports), which allows generating electricity in daylight to charge a smartphone, a flashlight battery. Multifunction wrist tactical watch.
Slingshot for hunting small animals and birds.

The kit is sufficient for survival for a long time after a natural emergency. Maintain life activity with active independent activity in the extraction of food and water, with the ability to cook hot food, boil water, organize an overnight stay.
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Weight 12.5 kg

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