Dosimeter (Geiger counter)


Dosimeter (Geiger counter)


Dosimeter (Geiger counter)

Device for monitoring, measuring, indicating radiation

As a detector in an individual dosimeter FS9000, a Geiger counter tube is used. It is possible to monitor X, ɣ radiation and hard β-radiation in various radioactive work areas. The device is characterized by a quick response and a wide range of measurements, it is able to display the equivalent dosage rate and the total dosage in the working area. During battery replacement (two or four pieces of AAA), the calendar, time and accumulation data are saved (internal memory).
The dosimeter is widely used in individual monitoring of the radioactive situation and indications for working personnel in the following areas: nuclear power plant, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, isotope use, industrial non-destructive testing of defects, radioactive medical procedures, processing of a cobalt source, checking building materials for radioactivity, environmental monitoring for radiation background.
Choice of units of change: Sievert / hour; Gray / hour; X-rays / hour.

1. battery indicator
2. set value of the radioactive background when the sound signal is turned on
3. current radiation background
4. cumulative radiation value
5. button to enter the menu and accept the selected value
6. On / Off button and turn on the screen backlight
7. back button when navigating the menu
8. current time
9. the set value of the accumulated radioactive dose when the sound signal is turned on
10. background radiation unit
11. unit of measurement of the accumulated dose of radiation
12, 13. buttons for selecting values in the menu


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