There are times when I did not keep track of the battery in my own car and got into an unusual situation. Let’s consider the most difficult case: a frosty forest, cellular communication is unavailable, and the battery is dead. You can wait for someone for a long time. If there is not a very far residential place, then it is better to go for help. If far – you should try to do the following (for cars with manual transmission):
1. Need a jack and tow rope.
2. It is necessary to put the car on the parking brake and put props under the wheels, jack it so that the wheel hangs.
3. Engage third or fourth gear on the box.
4. Turn on the ignition.
5. Unscrew the steering wheel so that it is convenient to wind the rope around the rubber (turn 2-5) and pull sharply. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. For safety reasons, do not wrap the cable around your hand, as there is a risk of serious injury if the cable is wound around a spinning wheel.

Here is another original way. Suitable for all types of transmission.
This method is “exotic”, but it is quite effective. You can use it in a completely hopeless situation. And for this you need to have half a liter of dry wine. Wine (the dry one is the best) with a minimum sugar content is poured directly into the electrolyte which initiates a violent oxidative reaction. As a result of this chemical reaction the battery resistance decreases and the voltage rises sharply, which is what we need. However, it is possible to start the engine only at the time of oxidation. This process passes quite quickly, therefore, promptness is important here. And one more thing: only 150-200 g. of wine is enough to initiate oxidation.
This method is effective only once, bringing down the battery for good.
Good luck!


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