A warning of evacuation or voluntary evacuation means that it is time to prepare to leave your home and area. Gather your family, pets, basic things and important documents and listen to emergency service instructions.
The order for evacuation or mandatory evacuation is a directive from the local authorities in order to immediately leave their home. Failure to comply with the evacuation order may result in death to others, personal injury or death.
As soon as you leave the area, you cannot return as long as the order is canceled.
A place for evacuation can be created by the Red Cross at the request of the authorities if the territory should be evacuated for a long time. The place will be named by the local authorities as soon as the security assessment is completed, and the shelter is ready to accept the victims of the emergency.
If you received an order to stay at home, it means that the best place for security is indoors. In this case, the authorities advise you to take refuge in the house. You should turn off the air conditioner and fan, seal the gaps around windows and doors and listen to radio messages from the authorities that the threat has passed. Do not leave your shelter until you are instructed that it is safe.
List of 10 necessary items during the evacuation:
1. Emergency Supply Kit
2. List of contacts outside the emergency zone
3. Cash and credit cards
4. Documents
• Passport
• Driver’s license
• International passport
• Medical record and drug list
5. Change of clothes for each family member
6. Hygiene items
7. Family photos
8. Baby stuff
• Diapers
• Food and water
• Change of clothes
9. Items for people with special needs
• Wheelchair, canes, walkers
• Medicines
• Hearing aids (and extra batteries for them)
10. Animal Care Items
• Vaccination passport
• Basket and carrying box
• Muzzle and leash
• Food and water


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