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How to choose a shelter. (part 2) post thumbnail

How to choose a shelter. (part 2)How to choose a shelter. (part 2)

There are several types of shelters, their definition depends on climatic conditions and the availability of materials at hand. If it is not possible to find any materials suitable
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How to choose a shelter. (part 1) post thumbnail

How to choose a shelter. (part 1)How to choose a shelter. (part 1)

One of the important elements of being in extreme situations is certainly the ability to find shelter. They can be both temporary (if you were taken aback by bad
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Emergency evacuation post thumbnail

Emergency evacuationEmergency evacuation

A warning of evacuation or voluntary evacuation means that it is time to prepare to leave your home and area. Gather your family, pets, basic things and important documents
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Basic actions in extreme situations post thumbnail

Basic actions in extreme situationsBasic actions in extreme situations

The main recommendations of institutional emergency: – The basis of survival is the exclusion of unpreparedness for it. Each individual or group member must imagine their behavior in a
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