Water is more important than food for humans. In everyday life, a person consumes water more automatically than consciously. Therefore, in an extreme situation, the issue of water (unexpectedly) becomes critically important!

On average, under normal circumstances a person per day is required 0.25 liters per 9 kg. of their weight. Therefore, everybody can easily calculate their portion. For example, an adult with 72 kg. in weight – 2 liters of water per day, the child 36 kg. – 1 liter.

It should be remembered that the body needs clean water, that is, not tea, not juice, not fruits. The body releases pure water from moisture-containing products, but it has to spend additional energy resources on this. Therefore, in extreme conditions, one must strive to consume pure water. Also, the consumption of very cold water should be attributed to energy costs for the body. Water should be drunk at room temperature (22-24) degrees. Then the body does not need additional energy to heat it. After all, energy savings (in any form) in an emergency situation – the most important point!

The mentioned above water calculation is averaged. It is also possible to reduce it by half (1 liter per 72 kg.) but only in a critical situation and if possible for a short time. The condition of location, temperature, physical activity should be taken into account. There is one principle: if there is little water, activity should be reduced.

Also, let’s keep in mind such a fact that is very implicit however directly affecting water consumption. It is your psychological state. The more psychological pressure – the more water is needed. Hence the conclusion: you experience a lack of water then “Do not worry, be happy”- and less water is needed. :))


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